Consultation FAQs

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Q: I want to speak with a lawyer about my immigration case. How do I do that?

Fantastic – you are in the right place! The first step is a consultation, which is a one-on-one conversation with a lawyer.

Q: I only have a simple question. Do I still need a consultation?

Don’t let what looks like a simple question trick you. Many immigration matters are more complex than they first appear.

If a lawyer were to say what you should do before asking the right questions and learning about your case then they might give you bad advice that could hurt you.

The consultation gives the lawyer a chance to obtain all the relevant facts of your case and provide good and accurate legal advice.

Q: How much will my legal issue cost?

As you learned above, the lawyer needs to learn about your case, which then allows the lawyer to identify the work ahead, which then allows them to determine costs (legal fees, disbursements, taxes).

Q: Will the lawyer review my self-represented application during the consultation?

We would love it if it were that simple, but it is not; therefore, a 30-minute consultation is far too short to properly review your application.  

If we understand the case and determine it is appropriate for self-representation then we would be happy to be retained to review your application and advise you.

Q: I want to retain an immigration lawyer as my representative. Do I still need a consultation?

Thank you for your trust! However, yes, a consultation is still important.

You need to know that the application you have in mind is your best option, plus the timeline, costs, and whether the lawyer is the best fit for you in working style, communication style, expertise, and ethics.