Why Clients Request Consultations

New clients realize there are “unknown unknowns” because most legal matters are far more complex than they first appear. Clients therefore want to speak with an expert so that they do not risk their time, money, and opportunity.

When clients have a consultation, they reap the following benefits:

  1. Fact-gathering – The lawyer gathers the client’s facts by reviewing documents and listening to them describe their situation and answer questions.
  1. Options – The lawyer describes their options. Sometimes there are no immediately attractive options, which is valuable information because it allows the client to spend their time and money developing a viable plan for future success.
  1. Processing context – Clients need insight into government processing that are unavailable publicly, but a lawyer has learned through experience and various sources not readily accessed by the public.
  1. Timeline – The lawyer will also explain how long each option takes to be prepared and processed. Accurate timeline information allows clients to best plan their lives and decrease risks.
  1. Fees – Once the lawyer and client know the options, the lawyer can explain costs, which include legal fees, disbursements (including government processing fees), and taxes as applicable. Legal fees may be for full representation or, in appropriate instances, advice on self-represented applications.
  1. Fit – A consultation is one-on-one time that allows the client to feel confident that the lawyer is the right fit for them in working style, investment in their matter, communication style, expertise, and ethics.

We warmly encourage you to request a consultation today by contacting us at consult@sedailaw.com or 604-642-0842. Consultation times are also available for those who cannot meet during regular office hours.