Temporary measures for Sudanese nationals:

The Canadian government has created new temporary measures to assist individuals affected by the ongoing armed conflict in Sudan.

IRCC may grant certain fee exemptions for Sudanese nationals in Canada on their temporary residence applications.

Please visit IRCC’s Program Delivery Instructions and Temporary Measures page for a full list of instructions.

Canada has also introduced temporary measures for foreign national family members of Canadian citizens and PRs who departed Sudan to a third country on or after 2023 April 15, in effect from 2023 May 01 to 2024 April 30.

Eligible family members may obtain a fee-exempt temporary resident permit to travel to Canada.

Family members admitted to Canada before 2023 July 15 will be eligible to apply for fee-exempt open work permits, study permits, and PR under the family class.


Temporary measures for Turkish and Syrian nationals:

In light of the significant destruction following the 2023 February earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria, IRCC may also grant fee exemptions for Turkish and Syrian nationals in Canada on their temporary residence applications.

Additionally, Canadian citizens and PRs in Türkiye and Syria may be eligible for fee exemptions on applications for Canadian citizenship certificates, passports, and PR travel documents.

Please visit IRCC’s Temporary Measures page for more information.


Updates to Proof of Funds:

IRCC has updated its proof of funds thresholds for applicants in the Federal Skilled Worker and Federal Skilled Trades Programs.